Retail Experience

Q1. Is eye-testing a paid service? How much would it cost?

Titan Eye+ offers a free 20-step 0-error eye-test. You can walk into any Titan Eye+ store and get an eye-test done, free of charge.

Q2. What all products can I find at Titan Eye+ stores?

Titan Eye+ stores have a wide range of 1000+ frames and sunglasses including affordable in-house labels such as Titan, and Fastrack as well as luxury labels such as Zefr and other international brands. A wide range of superior quality prescription lenses and contact lenses are also available at the stores.

Q3. What is the Titan Eye+ return policy? 

We have customer friendly return policies in case you face any issues with our products. All our products have 1 year warranty and we can replace them Free of Cost while under warranty.

Q4. Can I exchange an item purchased at the store?

For non-customised products like Sunglasses, you can exchange them within 15 days of purchase provided they are unused and in original condition

Q5. Where can I find out the discounts and offers available at Titan Eye+ store?

You can visit the store and consult with the staff members to find the best suited products for yourself at ongoing discounts. The starting price of frames and sunglasses at Titan Eye+ is just AED 150 and you will also find amazing offers always available at the store.

Q6. How can I find the right frame fit?

The Titan Eye+ store staff will help you find the frames best suited to your face shape, style, lifestyle, and budget. Consult the store staff for all your eye-care needs.

Q7. Can I get my older frames repaired at Titan Eye+ store?

Yes you can get your glasses service at any Titan Eye+ store. All products bought at Titan Eye+ have a lifetime free Service across all stores. If your product is not purchased at Titan Eye+, you can get basic services such as Ultrasonic Cleaning, free of charge.

Product Knowledge

Q8. What are polarized glasses?

Polarized lenses fight the glare and block the passage of undesirable light and glare to the eyes. This results in clearer vision, more comfort to the eyes, vivid colour, and great depth perception.

Q9. What are anti-reflective lenses?

Anti-reflective lenses help in avoiding distracting reflection thus resulting in clearer vision.

Q10. What does Photochromatic lenses mean?

Photochromatic lenses are ideal for anyone who needs to wear glasses all the time (Indoors and outdoors). Photochromatic lenses adjust to the light conditions, getting darker under the UV exposure and lighter in normal light conditions.

Q11. What are progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses are perfect choice for you, if you need glasses for both near and distant vision. Progressive lenses are multifocal lenses providing continuous progression in vision so you can see clearly at varying distances. Progressive lenses would help you avoiding switching between your reading glasses, computer glasses or any other distant vision glasses.

Q12. Does Titan Eye+ store have powered sunglasses?

Yes, Titan Eye+ store offers a wide range of SunSpecs – Powered Sunglasses – that will provide you clear vision, and 100% protection from UV radiation. These sunglasses are stylish, affordable, and scratch resistant.